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Garage door openers have changed a lot over the past 5 years. Valley Garage Doors carries the best quality openers. "Liftmaster" makes the best residential garage door openers out there. When picking your opener here are some things to think about.

Do you have a bedroom above your garage?
Do you have a heavy wood door?
Do you have a low ceiling?
Options to open and close your garage door from your smart phone?
Do you need a wireless keypad or extra remotes?

Belt drive openers are very quiet and make the least amount of noise compared to chain drive openers. Belt drive openers have a life time warranty on the rubber belts and are very durable.

"Liftmaster" has made a few different openers that are designed for small light weight overhead doors and large heavy overhead doors. We recommend 1/2 hp openers for light weight and 3/4 hp openers for heavy doors.

If you have a very low celling and can't fit a traditional trolley opener, "Liftmaster" has made a residential side mount operator that mounts to the shaft on the side of the garage door. Since there is no trolley this opener is typically are much quieter.

"Liftmaster" has made it so easy now to open and close your garage door. With their new "MyQ" internet gateway controller you can use your smart phone to open and close your door, it even gives you an alert while your away when you door opens unexpectedly.

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